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The Board of the Month

At Rendition Woodworks, we are fortunate to partner with a cadre of extremely knowledgeable and skilled sawyers who process thousands of board feet of reclaimed lumber each year. Working closely with these experts enables us to access some very rare and exceptional pieces of wood that in our view qualifies them to be selected as our “Board of the Month.”

Every month, we select one outstanding board blank and create a very special handcrafted “one of a kind” piece of functional Charcuterie Art.


These boards include: Premium quality hardware; Recessed silicon rubber feet; 400 grit polish sanding; laser engraved “provenance” listing the Species, common name, location of harvest, Board of the Month date and registration number and maker’s mark.

Ambrosia Red Maple  

Our February offering is an outstanding "Ambrosia" Red maple Charcuterie Board that features distinctive Ambrosia patterns surrounded by lightly grained, creamy white heartwood typical of this species.  The contrast is striking and the patterning is beautful!  To purchase this board click here.

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