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This beautiful board is the twin of our first Board of the Month. Artfully handmade Black Walnut charcuterie board,  this is one of our absolute favorite boards.  It is large and solid (weighing in at about 8lbs.) and features some of the best figure of any Walnut board we've seen.  One of our favorite sawyers from North Carolina is an expert at knowing where the beauty lies in the logs and how to mill them just right to release their inner beauty.  We eagerly bought this lumber... knowing that it would produce a beautiful and rare Charcuterie Board.  This is an exceptional piece that you will be very happy to own!


Hardware: Premium Black Rope solid metal handles

Dimensions:  26.5" x 11.25" x 1"

Features: Intricately figured grain;  Rare Curly and Crotch grain

Inclusions: Solid "Tight" Knot; Chatoyance (Iridescencent Rays)

Figured Black Walnut

Excluding Sales Tax